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Japanese ear tape, imported from Japan and recommended by many breeders, this is the best tape for training sheltie, collie and terrier ears. We can provide instructions on how to use upon request.

$12.00 per roll plus $1.00 shipping per roll.


Ear softener, especially made for collie and sheltie ears. This product is made from a combination of special ingredients that will help soften the cartilage when applied to the Sheltie or Collie ear. Apply to the top third of the ear on one or both sides. (It functions best when making contact with the skin of the ear.) If added weight is needed to achieve the desired look, refer to the ear weight. Some ears will not tip without the added weight. This is not a miracle product; you may have to apple the product until the desired effect is achieved. The product will wash out with shampoo and water or by brushing the ears with a slicker brush after adding chalk, baby powder, or cornstarch. I will include instructions on how to apply the ear softener and ear weight upon request. To be used with ear weight.

$15.00 per container + $4.50 shipping and handling

"NEW COAT" Coat Vitamins

Mix this powdered supplement with your dog’s food to improve skin, coat luster, and coat volume. This product helps my personal show dogs and my clients' show dogs grow thick, beautiful and healthy coats. Many Best in Show dogs use this product. This product does not improve coats that are already damaged, dry or brittle; the substantial improvement is most observed in new coat coming in. Dogs on thyroid medication will notice some improvement and normal thyroid dogs will experience a dramatic difference even in hot weather.

6 lb bucket $38.00 + $16.00 shipping Priority Mail Flat Rate Box

13 lb bulk bag (no container included) $78.00 + $18 Priority Mail Flat Rate Box

20 lb bulk bag (no container included) $120.00 + $18 Priority Mail Flat Rate Box


The heaviest, finest ear weight on the market today to train collie and sheltie ears to tip. This product has no equal! Will last a long time if used correctly.

1 bottle 2/3 lb $94.00 +$9.00shipping and handling